Guillotine Shears for plate production

For the production of printed aluminum or steel plates, a special guillotine shear with a motor driven front stop has been developed. This guillotine shear cuts plates with the required precision, that means maximum accuracy as well as minimal burr formation and distortion.

The problem of conventional shears with manually or motor driven back stop for plate production is, that even a tiny mistake in hitting the back stop produces a mistake which is summed up to a big difference by several cuttings. Is the plate pushed forward by a front stop after every cut and new positioned, then it is possible to achieve the accuracy of the single plate with an activated incremental compensation.

Shears for plate production cut with rates up to 30 cuts per minute or more, according to the plate dimensions. Because of that, usually the dive unit is realized with a clutch-break-combination, but also converter controlled AC motors or servomotors can be used.

Another feature of these machines is the pneumatic actuated hold down which allows an early clamping and releasing of the plates to be cut as well as to easy regulate the hold down pressure. The early clamping of the plate increases the accuracy by working with the back stop for example by trimming the plates. The early release of the plate eliminates the danger of damaging the plate if a build-up edge on the upper blade pulls the plate up after the cut. The regulated hold down pressure avoids marks on the partially sensitive surfaces.

Guillotine shears for plate production