Guillotine shears for corrugated- and trapezoidal sheet metal

Corrugated and trapezoidal sheet metal is manufactured in long production lines by roll forming. A strong punch cut then cuts the sheet metal into standard sizes for example lengths of 15m. It is possible to order different lengths from the manufacturer, but very often the intended purpose of the sheet metal is not known at the time of the order. Normally the dealers for corrugated and trapezoidal sheet metal get the individual measures of the end customers at short notice. So there is only little time left to complete the order and cut the sheet metal into parts for roofs and walls for halls, garages, carports, garden houses etc.

For this purpose, a special section shear has been developed which allows to cut the already formed sheet metal to length. This machine works like a normal guillotine shear with a slanted cut, compared to a punch cut, in order to cut the profiled sheet metal with lower shear forces and noise emissions. The upper and lower blades are formed according to the shape of the formed sheet metal, as well as the hold down and plastic on the shear table.

The formed sheet metal is fed manual or automatical, so long roller conveyors have to be installed by the customer in front and in the back of the shear. The cut then is either triggered by a foot pedal or the automated production line control.

For the following profiles, section shears have already been built:

Trapezoidal profile 20/125, Trapezoidal profile 20/220, Trapezoidal profile 35/207, Trapezoidal profile 45/333, 100/275, Trapezoidal profile 135/310, Corrugated profile 18/76, Corrugated profile 27/111

Guillotine shears for corrugated- and trapezoidal sheet metal