Cut-to-length shears

Cut-to length shears are integrated into cutting lines in order to cut the already flattened strip transversely to the conveyor running direction thus producing metal plates of a specifically defined length.

The metal plates then can be deposited on a europalett by a magnetic vacuum platestacker and either be wrapped up when the europalett has reached a specific height or be further processed. Here, a next step would be i.g. further cutting of the plate to another defined length, or any application of press cuts, notches or bendings or the processing to a finished component (i.g. a side frame of a steel locker).

Depending on the nature of a production line, a cut-to-length shear can fulfill the most different requirements. For example, with a simple cutting line in operation, a decent cut-to-length shear should have the quality to produce about 100 metal plates of a short section length within a minute. On the other hand, if a cut metal plate is being further processed in a production line, it is sufficient for a cut-to-length shear to cut 10 times a minute. The same applies to cut-to-length shears used in hot rolling mills of steel producers to cut thick rolled hot band. However, here, the metal thickness is more than 10mm and respectively the shear forces are higher.

The cut-to-length-shears can be integrated into a production line in different ways.
Most often, the cut-to-length-shears are screwed on a rigid machine base frame and the metal strip is being transferred to the shear via a feeding unit. While cutting the strip, it may not to be moved and therefore a looping pit for the retaining metal strip is necessary.
If a motor-driven pivoting frame is used instead of a rigid one, also trapezoidal- and parallelogram-metal strips can be produced.

If a looping pit can not be realised (given the space on-site, or the quality of the given material), a so-called „flying shear“ is necessary. Here the cut-to-length shear is mounted on a linear-moving base frame thus synchonrising the cutting of the shear with the speed of the strip. Such shears can also be applied in extrusion systems in order to cut-to-length non-retaining PVC or ABS plastic sheeting.

Cut-to-length shears