Crop Shears

Crop shears are mainly used in the lead-in area of metal strip systems to remove the damaged initial parts of a coil. For that purpose, the crop shear is integrated directly after the decoiler in the production line. The strip is fed into the crop shear via a big threading wedge which guides the un-straightened strip metal between the hold down unit and the shear table, respectively the upper and lower blade.

In the press shops of big car manufactures two crop shears are often used to process the initial parts of the coil. To pre-crop the metal strip, one crop shear is used next to the actual production line. For this purpose, the metal strip gets decoiled, cropped with the pre-crop shear, and coiled gain. After that, the pre-cropped coil can be turned into the production line via a hinge able double decoiler and fed directly into the straightening machine. So, the manufacturer does not have to crop in the actual production line and therefore increases the efficiency of the line. In case there is no pre-cropped coil at hand, the crop shear in the production line can be used for cropping the initial parts of the strip.

To some extend, the strip ends need to be cropped with another crop shear at the end of a line. This shear is also used to cut damaged or not accurate metal sheets behind the stapler.

Due to their applications, crop shears are also called scrap shears or scrap cutters.

Crop shears